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The Process of Replacing Roof Shingles: What Should You Know?

replacing roof shingles

Did you know that in 2021 alone there were 18 natural disasters across the U.S. costing billions of dollars in repairs? If you recently suffered at the hands of a major storm then you know all too well how much damage can be wrecked. 

And if you notice any new leaks in your home then you might need to check out your roof. Unfortunately replacing roof shingles is a common chore after a large winter storm. If you’re considering doing it yourself versus hiring a professional then keep reading because you’re in the right place, so keep reading to see how to do it yourself and why you might want to consider calling a professional.

Can You Replace Your Roof Shingles?

The short answer is yes you can replace your roof shingles yourself. If you’re an especially handy person and have the right tools for the job then you can attempt to fix your roof yourself. 

The first step in replacing your roof is to prepare your home both inside and out. If you have an attic you’ll want to clear out any valuables and consider putting a tarp over anything left up there. For the exterior of your home, move any equipment and other large items such as a barbeque or deck furniture. 

Second, you’ll need to remove the original shingles already on your old roof. If you recently suffered the impact of a natural disaster such as a tornado or hurricane this process might have already been started. Don’t make the same mistake as many other homeowners before you and try to shingle over the current layer. 

Once you have the old shingles off you need to inspect the sublayer for any further damage. When you get to this step it can be helpful to have a professional help you take a look since they know what to look for. 

Finally, prepare the surface and then start laying down your new shingles. Start at the bottom and work up to the peak of your roof laying each new row slightly over the last. Once you’re done clean up and perform one last inspection to ensure that your new roof is adequately fixed to protect you from the next winter storm or natural disaster. 

Benefits of Working With a Professional When Replacing Roof Shingles

Your roof is your main defense against the elements, especially in our harsh midwestern winters in Illinois. You need to protect the roof that protects your family from the winds, rain, snow. And while you can replace your shingles yourself, there are many benefits to working with a professional instead. 

1. Prevent Future Leaks

The old saying that if you want something done right you need to do it yourself doesn’t translate to your roof. You need to protect your largest investment and your home.

Don’t risk future problems because you didn’t know what to look for as you fixed the problem shingles. You could save yourself thousands of dollars by getting it done right the first time and avoiding costly problems later on.  

2. Ensure Insurance Will Pay For Repairs

After a natural disaster, it can be difficult to get your insurance company to pay for the necessary repairs. They are likely also dealing with the repercussions of the disaster themselves. And, after a large event such as an earthquake or tornado, you’ll likely need to wait on hold along with thousands of your closest neighbors. 

You don’t have the time to wade through the paperwork and stay on hold for hours. When you work with our professionals, we ensure that your insurance company pays for it. 

3. Save You Time

Do you really want to spend your entire weekend climbing up on your roof and teetering on the brink as you replace your shingles? And what if you do it wrong or miss a spot and have to fix it again in a few months? Trying to replace your roof shingles can end up costing you more time in the long run if you try to do it yourself. 

Don’t risk personal injury and waste your precious free time up on your roof. Instead, work with a professional who can get the job done right the first time, and much faster than you ever could. 

4. Stay Within Your Warranty

If you have a home warranty then you likely need to show that any work done on your roof was done by a certified professional. Don’t risk losing out on the many benefits and protections that come from having a home warranty. 

You must stay within the requirements while also protecting your largest investment. You don’t want to find out years down the road that you’re on the hook for more expensive repairs because you wanted to do your replacements yourself. 

As you can see these benefits far outweigh those of trying to replace your roof shingles yourself. Your roof is too important to the integrity of your home to risk trying to do it yourself. 

Protect Your Home From the Elements With New Roof Shingles Today

Replacing roof shingles isn’t complicated. However, that doesn’t mean you want to give up your next weekend trying to figure it out on your own. As you can see the benefits of working with a professional far outweigh those of doing it yourself. 

If you need to have a professional come out to take a look at your roof, then reach out to us today. We’ll work with you and give you a fair estimate so you can get the best roof for your home. 


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