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5 Common Signs It’s Time to Get New Gutters

new gutters

Did you know that over 40% of homeowners needed a home repair and postponed it? Delaying home repairs can lead to further issues and higher costs. 

Have you been wondering if you need new gutters? Gutters can quickly become a much larger problem if they aren’t replaced or repaired promptly. 

We have put together five common signs of damaged gutters that you can easily spot. Don’t delay your house repairs any longer – keep reading on for more information!

1. Cracks and Holes

Have you googled, ‘do I need new gutters?’ It may seem obvious, but cracks and holes are one of the first signs that you need a gutter replacement. 

If your gutters are compromised, they won’t effectively drain excess water during heavier storms. Smaller cracks can be repaired, but if you have larger cracks visible, you will need a professional service that can help install new ones. 

Typically, dry days are when you can try and spot any cracks. Even the smallest cracks can lead to water dripping down the sides and other areas of your home. If you have concerns, a local gutter installation company can help you patch up any damages. 

2. Water Damage

There are two main signs on your house you can look for as a sign that you need new gutters. Maybe you can’t find any cracks or obvious holes. 

In that instance, if you see rot or peeling paint on the side of your house, it is an indicator of improperly working gutters. If there are holes or cracks, it can redirect the water down the side of your home. Ultimately, this can ruin a perfectly good paint job. 

In the worst-case scenarios, damaged drywall can lead to a more extensive repair beyond your gutters. Sometimes, this can cost upwards of $1,000 or more. You can expect an even higher price tag if you also have a damaged foundation. 

3. Check the Basement

It may seem confusing that you should check your basement for gutter problems. However, the design of gutters is to redirect water away from the house. 

When they are not working correctly, whether from being clogged or damaged, the water drips a bit too close to home, both literally and figuratively. Water or extra moisture can increase near your home’s foundation and seep into the basement. 

If you have noticed a mildew smell or mold growing in the basement, it could be your gutters. Check out a local gutter installation in IL to help replace your gutters and eliminate ongoing mold problems. 

4. Check Your Yard

Gutters can efficiently eliminate water after heavy storms away from your house. You have already read up on quick and easy ways to recognize house damage as a sign of needing new gutters. 

Your yard can also be a significant indicator. Large or new puddles after a storm can point to problems with your gutters. Sometimes, it is a simple fix as a clogged gutter. 

However, fixing gutters yourself can be dangerous, and you can risk damaging them further. Call on the professionals for regular maintenance. 

5. New Water Marks

Water damage right below the gutters in the form of watermarks is a prime indicator that you should replace them. Neglecting apparent signs of damage such as watermarks can lead to problems noted above, such as foundation damage and mold. 

There are a few causes of watermarks. For starters, the seams that hold your gutter system together could become damaged. You might also notice that your gutter system has rust developing. 

Rust can indicate that your gutters have become worn down and are more at risk of causing further damage. When you purchase new gutters, you might consider switching to seamless gutter installation

It costs more money upfront but helps you avoid the problems arising with sectional gutters. Remember that seamless gutters are more challenging to repair, and you might have more limited options. 

New Gutters and Regular Maintenance

You can keep your new gutters in tip-top shape by regularly maintaining them. How often should you have your gutters cleaned? 

Most experts suggest cleaning your gutters once a year, but sometimes it depends on the weather that year. Having a company come and clean your gutters while performing annual checks can ensure that your gutters won’t cause any excessive damage and are working properly. 

The type of gutters you pick primarily determines how long they will last. Some gutters can last decades, but heavy storm systems and poor maintenance can lessen their life expectancy. 

If you have had your gutters for a long time, you might be surprised to find that there are new options out there. For instance, galvanized gutters are a better bet if you deal with rust and offer better durability. 

Adding better gutter downspouts is helpful if you deal with water puddles or damaged drywall from previous gutters. The downspout is important for redirecting water and saving you extra money from water damage to your foundation. 

Find, ‘New Gutter Installation Near Me’

So – when should you get new gutters? Each style and material of gutters come with a warranty and life expectancy. 

Harsh weather, clogged drains, and small cracks can lead to bigger issues with your gutters. You may need new gutters much sooner than you were expecting, but it can save your foundation, drywall, and basement from a world of headache. 

If you suspect it’s time for new gutters, don’t wait any longer. Contact us today for a free quote, and let our professional team come out and take a look at your gutters. 


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