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How to Best Prepare Your Beautiful Home for a Roof Replacement

roof replacement

Having a roof replacement can be an expensive investment. However, the roofing industry can also be dangerous in other ways. In fact, pieces of materials can cause damage to your cars, furniture, and it may be a very overwhelming process.

Do you want to learn more about how you can prepare for a new roof on your home? Here are the best ways to prepare your house before your local roofing company starts your roof replacement. 

Prepare Your Yard

When you are getting a roof replacement, it is equally important to prepare your yard to prepare the interior of your home. Because your roofers will be walking back and forth through your yard constantly, you want to be sure that there is nothing that can get damaged or that will be in the way. 

First, you should clear out any outdoor patio furniture, grills, and other stuff near your house. If you have a larger backyard, you may not have to worry as much about areas far away from your home. Make sure you store this furniture, so it is protected from falling debris and other damage. 

Next, you should trim your grass! Because roofing projects can be so messy, you may find that you have bits of shingles, scraps, and even nails in your grass. While the roofing company will be in charge of cleaning this up, it will be much easier with shorter grass. 

If your roofing company doesn’t lay out tarps in your grass to collect the debris, you may want to lay out tarps yourself. This will collect the debris and keep it from damaging your yard or plants. 

Move Your Cars

Next, you should move your vehicles. Even if you have covered parking, you want to be sure that nothing will happen to your cars while getting your roof replaced. 

Ensure you clear your cars from both the driveway and your garage and park them a safe distance away from your home. 

Moving your car will protect it from damage as your roofing project is completed. Even in your garage, you may find that shingle granules and even nails can slip through the roof if it is uninsulated. These will scratch up your car and may even lead to a flat tire. 

You may have to move your cars from your driveway to provide your roofers with easy access to your roof as well. 

Remove Wall Hangings

Something else you can do to prepare your home for a roof replacement is to remove wall hangings, pictures, and more. As roofers work on your roof, the vibrations from their equipment may travel through your roof and the walls of your home. 

If this happens, it can potentially knock items off your walls. By removing these before your project, you can protect your decorations and photos on your walls. 

roof replacement

Cover Items in Your Attic

Next, it is important to cover items in your attic, especially where you store valuable items. When you have people walking across your roof for several hours of the day, it can knock loose dust and other debris in your attic.

If you have personal items that are exposed, they can get scratched up, dirty, and damaged in other ways. One easy way to protect your belongings is to use an old sheet to cover the items in your attic until the construction is finished. 

Remove Antennas & Satellite Dishes

If you have any antennas or satellite dishes on your roof, it is best to get these removed before your roofing project starts. This will prevent damage to your technology, and it will also make it easier for the roofers to access your roof. 

You can have your cable provider remove these satellite dishes, or you can try to remove satellite dishes on your own. 

Protect Kids and Pets

Roof replacements and any other type of construction come with loud noises and strangers working on your home. This is the kind of thing that may make your pets anxious, or it can disturb your child’s daily routine. 

When getting a roof replacement, make sure you protect your kids and pets by preparing them. Tell your children which areas are dangerous to go to during this project and help them know what kind of noise they can expect. 

When going outside, make sure they have shoes on to protect their feet from stray nails and other debris.

If you are worried about your young children and pets during this construction, you can always have them visit family and friends until your roof is completed. 

Tell Neighbors

Lastly, you will want to talk to your neighbors. If there will be construction trucks parked on your street and other disturbances, you want to be sure they are on the same page as you are. 

This will ensure that your relationship with your neighbors will not be damaged by any disturbance they have during your roof replacement. 

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Getting a roof replacement is a very involved process that can affect the rest of your home. By following each of these tips, you can properly prepare your house for a roof replacement and protect all of your belongings. 

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