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Unexpected roof damage can wreak havoc on your finances. Let our expert team of contractors and public adjustors help you repair your roof without breaking the bank.

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Repair Your Roof the Right Way

Do opportunistic contractors flood your yard with flyers every time a storm passes through? Is it hard to settle on one you know to be trustworthy?

While roof damage is certainly not something you want to let go unchecked, choosing the wrong roofing contractor can be just as dangerous—and costly.

Fortunately, as a locally-owned and operated roofing company with 20+ years of combined experience, that’s where we come in. Call us today to learn why we’re the right roofing repair company for your needs.

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Roof Repair

Regardless of what kind of damage you’re dealing with, how it was caused, or the type of roof in question, we can provide the perfect, tailor-made solution. This across-the-board expertise comes from our over 20+ years in operation, during which we’ve inspected, repaired, replaced, and installed just about any kind of residential, commercial, and industrial roof you can think of. Plus, your roof doesn’t have to be damaged to benefit from our help. We offer comprehensive roof maintenance services (roof leak repair, for example) for those who simply want their roof looking and functioning at its finest. In total, our roofing services include:

We service flat roof repair, metal roof repair, and many other types of roofs. You can also expect support for asphalt shingles, EPDM, TPO, Granulated metal roofing, Decra, Stone coat, Boral, and many others. While there’s a great chance we can help with your roof, regardless of its characteristics, the easiest way to verify that is to arrange a free inspection. Of course, your roof doesn’t have to be damaged to benefit from our help.

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Open-to-Close Insurance Claim Handling

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As devastating as roof damage can be financially, insurance companies aren’t always willing to pay up—even when they should. For people already struggling with a damaged roof’s repercussions, this unwillingness from insurance companies adds yet another element of stress to worry about.

This is why, in addition to being roofing contractors, we are also trained public adjusters licensed with the Illinois Department of Insurance. You can rely on us to handle the entire claim process ourselves, so you don’t have to, from opening your claim to closing it. Plus, if need be, we can hold your insurance company’s feet to the fire and force (if needed) them to pay out correctly. The end result is a completely repaired roof without a burning hole in your pocket—a truly win-win scenario.

We hold ourselves to as high standards as public adjusters as we do contractors. For the past three years, we have maintained a 100% customer satisfaction rate with zero complaints from the Better Business Bureau. Rest assured, we fully intend to maintain this quality of service in the years to come.

How Our Process Works

  • Step 1: Get in Touch

    Before we do anything, we need to get a qualified pair of eyes on your roof. To arrange your free estimate or inspection at a time of convenience, simply give us a call at 630-636-9954.

  • Step 2: Sign a Public Adjuster Contract

    After we assess the repairs that need to be done, the next step is for you to sign a Public Adjuster contract. Our fee of 30% is waived if we do the work.

  • Step 3: Let Us Get to Work

    If you're happy with our proposed solution, it's time for us to get to work with your insurance company. You can rely on us to handle every step of the claiming process, from opening to closing.

  • Step 4: Customize Your Remodel

    Now comes the fun part—choosing how you want your repaired roof to look. You can choose from a wide variety of different colors and styles, depending on your preference. You can also visit our showrooms in Montgomery and Plainfield to pick out your materials in person. We also offer an extensive gallery of past work on our website for even more inspiration.

  • Step 5: Enjoy Your New Roof

    After your roof is repaired or maintained exactly to your liking, we'll be out of your hair. For extra assurance, we leave all of our customers with a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty, which covers most materials we install for however long you live in your home.

We Offer the Top Roof Repair Service in Montgomery and Beyond

Over a period lasting more than two decades, we at Amenity Roofing Siding & Gutters have perfected roofing repair. From contractor expertise to material options to licensed insurance claiming, we are lightyears beyond local competitors. Whether you have a residential or commercial roofing project, you can rely on Amenity Roofing Siding & Gutters to make your repairs as quickly, affordably, and professionally as possible. Guaranteed.

Outside of Montgomery, we also service Sycamore, Aurora, North Aurora, Morris, Naperville, Oswego, Plano, Sugar Grove, and Yorkville, Illinois.

How Much Does Our Roof Repair Service Cost?

Before pricing your project, we send a qualified pair of eyes to assess the repairs that need to be done. In this sense, we avoid copy-and-paste pricing in favor of personalized pricing tailored to your specific roof. Plus, to make our services as accessible as possible, you can pay with a credit card and take advantage of financing options. Give us a call to learn about your roof repair cost options today.

Our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

As a company that prides itself on high standards and honesty, our work is only finished when you’re 100% satisfied with your new roof. This is why we leave all of our customers with a generous Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. You can rely on this warranty to cover most of the materials that we install. Beyond this, if any problems arise after we leave, we welcome our customers to give us a call. We’re more than happy to help in any way that we can.

Get A Free Roof Repair Estimate

In a world of a million storm chasers, we pride ourselves on being the diamond in the rough. You can rely on our roofing and insurance claiming expertise to repair or maintain your roof the right way. If you live in or around Montgomery, IL, we’re the experts to call.

Contact us to get your free roof estimate today.

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