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Don’t Panic: Here’s What to Do When You Have a Leaking Roof

leaking roof

Everybody agrees your roof is one of your house’s important structures. It keeps your family and property safe from harsh weather conditions and intruders.

As a homeowner, a leaking roof can be your worst nightmare. It can lead to the attic insulation getting waterlogged while your ceiling and walls get damaged.

If you spot a water stain on your ceiling and walls, it’s a clear sign your roof is leaking. To avoid the leak wrecking more havoc, you should take immediate action to stop it.

Otherwise, if you delay, your home’s foundation will be damaged by the leaking water. Besides, costly roof repairs might await you down the road if you don’t fix the roof leak on time.

If you have never faced a leak before, chances are you might panic. If you panic, you will make wrong decisions that might worsen matters.

So, what should you do if you realize you have a leaking roof? If you have no idea, worry less.

Here is a comprehensive guide on what to do when you have a leaking roof

Move Things Out of the Way

A leaking roof is enough stressful situation for a single day. If your property gets damaged, it would be adding an insult to an injury.

If the leak is above your bed, furniture, or other places with valuable items, you need to clear the area. Water damage can destroy electronics and cause furniture to rot.

Don’t forget fabric can trap water, causing a dreadful mildew smell. Thus, drag or push whatever you can out of the way quickly.

But be keen not to damage any valuable items in the process. Otherwise, your rescue efforts shall be in vain.

Contain the Water

After getting things out of the way, your next step should be to contain the water. If you wait until the roof repair company comes to your rescue, things will be out of hand.

Hence take a bucket, towel, garbage can, and other items at your disposal and use them to capture the water. This will help reduce the impact and the damages of the leaking water. 

Ensure to have different containers with you to trap as much water as possible. Otherwise, if you let the water drop to the floor, it might damage it.

leaking roof

Reduce Water Pressure

If there is a loose bulge hanging from the ceiling, it’s a sign water is accumulating inside the bulge. The water menace might not end soon if the leak is just below the bulge.

Besides, the water could spread to other areas leading to more destruction to your ceiling. In such a case poking a hole on the lower side of the swelling might seem unwise, but it’s the best option.

Ensure to put a bucket underneath the bulge to trap water. If the bulge is huge, you might need to create several punctures. This will help you drain the water faster and prevent it from spreading to other areas of your ceiling.

Locate the Roof Leak

After you are sure water has been contained and the chances of property damage have been minimized, go ahead and locate the leak. You can start from the areas impacted by the leak, such as the ceiling, and work your ways upward.

Get a ladder and a flashlight and access the attic. If there are water stains on your ceiling, follow a vertical line up to the roof to locate the leak.

You can determine the leak’s location by checking the color of the deck and the presence of mold or mildew. If you notice black or white stains on your deck and mold is present, that’s the leak right there.

If the leak is not above the ceiling, check for areas prone to leaks, such as the roof vents. If finding a roof leak becomes a challenge, ask for help from roofing professionals.

Tarp the Leaking Roof

After locating the leak, you can tarp the roof. This is the best option if you can’t stop roof leaks right away. Tarping the roof will prevent the leak from getting worse.

Besides, tarping a roof is necessary under most homeowners’ insurance policies. If you fail to tarp your roof and additional damages arise, the insurance company might not compensate them.

Be cautious while tapping your roof; it can be a risky affair. If climbing heights is not your thing, it’s better to involve the best roof repair company.

Take Photos for Insurance Documentation

If the leaking roof damaged your property, you might be forced to file a home insurance claim. In such a case, you will need to take photos that can be used as evidence when making a claim.

Ensure the photos portray the extent of damage caused by the leaking water.

Call a Professional Roofing Company

Handling a leaking roof is not a simple task, especially if multiple leaks are involved. If you try to fix the leaks in such a case, you could make matters worse.

The moment you discover the presence of a leak, ensure to contact a roofing company immediately. Roofing professionals will get the leak fixed quickly and spot any other areas that need repairs.

However, when selecting the roofing company to call, be cautious. Not all roofing companies out there are competent and reliable. Some are after taking advantage of your situation.

Thus, you should check the kind of reputation the roofing company has. When dealing with a leaking roof, you might not have too much time to assess the company’s reputation.

But by skimming through third-party reviews like those on Better Business Bureau, you can find a roofing company you can trust.

You Now Know What to Do When Having a Leaking Roof 

A leaking roof can damage your property and cause panic. But if you know what to do, you can minimize the leak’s impact on your property.

Follow the above tips on what to do when you have a leaking roof and get it right.

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