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Premium Gutter Protection by MasterShield Gutter Guards

Gutter Guard Installation near Montgomery, IL

MasterShield Premium Dealer

We are the exclusive MasterShield Premium Dealer in the Northern Illinois & Chicagoland area.

Only MasterShield has the latest technology that stops gutter guards from failing. We are the only company in the industry offering CopperCare, copper integrated into the stainless steel micro mesh, to help combat the two leading causes of clogged filters…biological growth and roof oil.

The best performing gutter guards in the USA, period.

Tired of Cleaning Clogged Gutters? MasterShield Gutter Guards Protect Your Gutters & Home — You’ll Never Worry About Your Gutters Again!

  • Patented micro-mesh technology
  • Premium 316 surgical grade stainless steel
  • CopperCare interlaced into the mesh filter to help prevent biological growth
  • Can be used as a first-stage filter for water harvesting
  • One size fits all gutters
  • Available in 12 colors and Copper!
  • Easy, adaptable installation method
  • Our installation method has been approved by Owens-Corning, CertainTeed, GAF, and IKO!
  • Can easily be modified to do a fascia mount installation
  • Pitched design more efficiently drains water and helps to prevent debris from sitting on top of the filter
  • Limited-Liftetime Manufacturer Warranty

Patented Gutter Protection

  • The very first micro filter gutter protection, patented by Alex Higginbotham in 2003, which revolutionized the gutter guard industry.
  • The first gutter guard with expanded metal and a micro filter to feature downward extensions, also patented by Alex Higginbotham in 2003.
  • The first gutter protection inventor to acknowledge roof oils as a leading cause of gutter guard failure
  • The first gutter guard to be designed with self-cleaning features to naturally remove roof oils.
  • The industry’s most comprehensive patent portfolio
Patented Gutter Protection

Protect your Home from Clogged Gutters Forever with Patented Copper-In-the-Filter Technology

  • MasterShield Gutter Guards are pitched like your roof so that debris rolls off, eliminating gutter maintenance
  • Patented Self Cleaning Properties Separates MasterShield from the Rest
  • A Micromesh Gutter Guard with a filter designed to minimize clogs-an industry first!
  • Your new gutter guards will SELF-CLEAN and pure copper will instantly attack oils and organisms that flow from your roof every time it rains. That means you’re done cleaning gutters forever-period!!
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