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Author: John Gordon

Roof Inspection

The Importance of Scheduling a Roof Inspection

Your roof is vital to your home because it protects it from the elements and ensures the property’s structural integrity. Ignoring routine maintenance and roof inspections can lead to expensive repairs and even premature roof failure. Regular maintenance involves inspecting the roof for any indications of damage, such as missing shingles, cracks, or sagging areas.

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Top Signs That It’s Time to Replace the Gutters on Your Home

Gutters are more than a cosmetic addition to the exterior of a house; they serve a fundamental purpose in protecting the property against water damage. One of the functions of gutters is to direct rainwater from the roof and foundation of the home. Without gutters, rainwater can build up on the roof, leading to water

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gutter replacement

Gutter Replacement: Costs and Considerations

Are you noticing that something is just not quite right when it comes to the appearance of your gutters? One is lopsided, and the other looks like it is disconnecting from your home. It’s time to call in some serious gutter repair experts! But how much is this going to cost you? As a homeowner,

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Replace Siding

How Much Will It Cost to Replace Siding on My Home?

It’s not that you need to keep up with the Joneses; it’s just that your siding is looking a little too much like The Addams Family. Maybe that’s your aesthetic, or maybe your home is in serious need of new siding. If power washing is not enough, Amenity Roofing has a solution for you. We

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Roof, summer

How to Protect Your Roof From the Summer Heat

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor activities and to enjoy owning your home. Your summer may be filled with backyard barbecues, late nights by the fire, and cooling off in the pool. Beyond all the fun, you may finally have the time to get some well-overdue housework done.  Throughout the year, your roof has

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Choosing a roof
Roof Replacement

Choosing a Roof to Complement Your Historic Home

When considering replacing the roof of your historic home, you want to choose a roof that will maintain its original charm. Getting all the details right is vital to preserving the stylish architecture that your home is known for. Although your home is known for its look, structural integrity is equally important. After all, the

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Slate roofing & synthetic slate roofing
Roofing Material

Synthetic Slate Roof vs Slate Roof (3 Key Differences to Consider)

When it comes to roofing options, there are a variety of materials to choose from, and so many logistics to think about! However, two options that often get compared are slate roofs and synthetic slate roofs.  Slate roofs have been around for centuries and have a certain elegance that is hard to replicate. On the

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Slate roofing
Roofing Material

5 Undeniable Benefits of Slate Roofing

Are you considering a new roof upgrade? Skip the tried-and-true shingles and consider something that has stood the test of time — slate roofing! It may seem like old-school material, but there are plenty of reasons why many homeowners are choosing this classic style. Here at Amenity Roofing & Siding, we understand how much your

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Professional roofer
Roofing Contractor

Choosing the Best Professional Roofer for the Job 

The roof on your home is your first line of defense against the scorching summer heat and grueling winter storms. When deciding to take on a big investment, such as replacing your home’s roof, you should only consider the best professional roofer for the job. Whether you are replacing, repairing, or inspecting your roof, choosing

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roof maintenance
Roof Maintenance

8 Roof Maintenance Chores You Need to Do This Summer

Owning a home comes with many responsibilities. Taking care of your roof is a necessary chore that is often overlooked until it is too late. The good news is that roof maintenance is not a daily chore, unlike washing dishes and vacuuming. If not properly managed, the roof can become an enormous financial burden far

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