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8 Signs You Should Buy New Gutters for Your Home

buy new gutters

Being a homeowner comes with plenty of difficult responsibilities. Every time you fix something, there’s another aspect of your home that needs to be fixed. It’s a never-ending process of keeping your home in shape. 

One of those areas that need to be closely maintained is your gutters. Regular gutter maintenance can protect your home from many different aspects of damage such as flooding in your basement. Regular upkeep will save you from having to buy new gutters frequently. 

Not sure how to know when you need to put new gutters on your home maintenance list? Let’s go over a couple of the signs you should be looking for when it comes to replacing your home’s gutters. These tips will help you to easily identify when it is time to call in the professionals.

1. Puddles Are Found

Are you finding that after rain storms there are puddles of water gathering around your home? Heavy flooding around your property indicates that your gutters are beginning to fail. Your gutters are backing up and not draining water the way they are supposed to.  

These puddles can cause property damage to your home when water gathers. Soil erosion can lead to bigger problems on your property if not treated. Erosion may make your land uneven or create sinkholes. 

Keep a close eye on any puddles that may be gathering around the run-offs of your gutters. If these puddles become too large, contact a professional for assistance. 

2. Beginning to Buldge

One of the ways to know that your gutters need replacing is when you begin to see them showing wear and tear. Sinking gutters indicate they are retaining water. The structure of your gutters is no longer competent.

Any type of buckling may be noticeable to the eye. Inspect your gutters regularly by walking around your property.

Replacing your gutters when you see this will prevent you from having further damage to your home. If you’re seeing bulging in your gutters, a gutter installation service can help you to replace those gutters before you have bigger problems.

3. Cracks Can Be Seen

While smaller cracks can be fixed with patches, larger ones mean severe damage. Cracks that allow the water to filter through without stopping. Hard rain can make these cracks larger

Cracks in your gutters are the beginning of larger problems. Take a look when it rains to see if there is water coming through your gutters where it shouldn’t be.

4. WaterMarks Appear

A key sign to replace old gutters is when marks begin to appear. These watermarks can be significant discoloration from what your gutters used to look like. Markings happen when your gutters are not draining and water is collecting in various spots.

Inspect your gutters regularly to make note of any changes in them. If you spot this water damage it’s time to call a professional. Watermarks can be the first sign of significant problems with older gutters. 

5. Rust Spots Have Shown

The whole point of your home having gutters is to keep water from collecting on your home. Gutters are your home drainage system. When rust spots begin to appear it indicates failure.

Rust spots happen when water builds up in stays in your gutters. Spots may even spread over time.  

Spots like these can also begin to appear on your home itself. This rust can damage the paint and vinyl of your home siding. Bigger problems with your home may steam from this.

6. Flooding in Your Basement 

Basement flooding is an indication of poor gutters. Your gutters are supposed to filter and keep rain from getting into your home. Cracked and broken gutters are a key source of further damage 

When your gutters begin to fail, that water has no place to go. Your gutters are your first line of defense against precipitation getting into your home. 

If you’re finding your basement floor wet, try checking your gutters first. Water damage could lead to other structural problems in your home.

7. Screws and Nails On the Ground

Screws and nails hold your gutters in place. When these begin to pop out of place, it means that your gutters are no longer secure. Your gutters should always be reasonably secured into place.

Take a look on the ground around your gutters and at your gutters themselves. Are all of the screws and nails still in place? Are you finding stray nails on the ground below them?

If this continues to be a problem, your whole gutter system could detach from your home. Installing new gutters will prevent any further accidents from occurring. 

8. Years Have Passed

Just like every other area in your home, the make-up of gutters changes with time. You may find that the technology used to build your gutters is different now. It is never a bad idea to keep up your home by improving on an older installation.

Updating your gutters can improve the value of your home. Gutters protect your siding, roof, and foundation. It’s important to make sure that they are in good working order at all times. 

Replacing your gutters every few years will prevent any major leaks and damages from occurring. 

Buy New Gutters and Protect Your Home

Replacing and cleaning the gutters on your home needs to be something you regularly maintain. Buy new gutters and hire an installation service that you trust to get them up the right way. You’ll see the difference in your home drainage systems as soon as you do. 

For more help when it comes to roofing, siding, and gutters near Naperville, IL, we’re here for all of your home protection needs. Contact us so that we can get your home looking brand new all over again. Your estimate is waiting to be discussed. 


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