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Rain Gutter Installation: How to Choose the Right Gutters for You

rain gutter installation

The roof protects you from the elements, and the gutters do an equally important job. Gutters divert rain and melted snow away from your home and prevent pooling around the foundation. When too much water pools around your foundation, it could cause structural damage or seep into your home.

Most homeowners pay little to no attention to their gutters until something goes wrong. That shouldn’t be the case because gutters play a huge role in maintaining your home’s structural integrity. In fact, it’s imperative to plan your rain gutter installation a few weeks before the rainy season to be on the safe side.

If you’re in the market for rain gutters, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. If you’re having trouble picking the right gutters for your home, we’re here to help.

Today we’ll be showing you how to pick the perfect gutters for your home.

Pick the Right Material

The gutter’s material affects its price, durability, and strength. In terms of material, you can buy gutters made from:

Aluminum: Aluminum gutters are the most common gutters on the market. They’re easy to install, relatively affordable, and durable. It’s also rust-resistant and has a large color variety to choose from.

Steel: Steel gutters are also a popular choice among homeowners. Most steel gutters are galvanized, making them strong and durable. Galvanization helps protect the gutters from rust, but you’ll still have to replace them after around 25 years because of rust.

Vinyl: Vinyl gutters are among the least expensive in the market. Although they’re easy to work with, they are prone to breaking when it gets too cold. They’re also not the best in terms of strength and durability.

Copper: If you’re looking for durable gutters, copper is the way to go. Copper gutters may be pricey, but they’ll last for ages. It’s also worth noting that copper gutters change color over time and don’t retain their initial luster for life.

Ensure you pick the right material according to your needs, home’s climatic conditions, and budget. The type of material will impact the gutter installation price.

Check the Shape

Gutters come in two main shapes, the standard half-round or U-shape and the K-style. K-style gutters typically drain more water than U-shape gutters. In fact, a large half-round gutter will drain half as much water as a smaller U-shape gutter would.

If you live in a rain-prone area, then you best get a K-style gutter. If your area experiences little to moderate rains, U-shaped gutters will do just fine. Once you have the shape down-pat, it’s time now to pick a size.

Pick the Right Size

Gutters come in various sizes, and you’ll have to pick an appropriate size for your home. Apart from the gutter size, you also have to pick a downspout size. If you’re unsure what size gutter and downspout to pick, you can seek advice from a professional.

Gutters are typically 4, 5, and 6 inches in diameter. Downspouts, on the other hand, come in sizes 2X3 inches and 3×4 inches for rectangular downspouts. Circular downspouts are either 3 or 4 inches in diameter. 

The primary factor to consider when picking a gutter’s size is your region’s rainfall density. Another factor is your roof’s pitch; steeper roofs require larger gutters. Also, houses surrounded by trees will need bigger gutters to accommodate the falling leaves that may block the gutter.

Pick an Appropriate Thickness

Apart from the size and shape, it’s also important to consider the thickness of the gutters. The thicker the gutter, the sturdier it is, and the more it’ll hold up against the elements. However, thicker ones have higher gutter installation costs than thinner ones.

For aluminum gutters, you’ll find thicknesses of between 0.19 to 0.32 mm. Unlike aluminum gutters, the thickness of copper gutters is denoted in weight instead of actual thickness. This means the heavier the gutter is, the thicker it is.

Decide Between a Sectional or a Seamless System

Rain gutter systems boil down to two types, sectional and seamless systems. The standard gutter doesn’t come as a unit but instead comes in sections that you’ll have to piece together. This type of gutter system is known as a sectional system and is the most common type.

Seamless systems, on the other hand, require professional installation. For a seamless system, the pros use a machine that creates long stretches of gutters that run through your roof. These gutters get the name because the gutters have no seams throughout their entire length.

The problem with sectional seams is that they have seams in between the sections. These seams could come apart and leak water. For aluminum gutters, you’ll have to use sealant regularly between the seams to prevent any leakages.

Copper and steel gutters are different because you’ll have to solder between the seams. This means you don’t have to use any sealant. However, some professionals would recommend a metal sealant for the seams.

Choose Gutters That Increase Your Curb Appeal

The right gutter complements your home’s exterior and increases its curb appeal. You don’t want a  gutter that throws off your home’s exterior. K-style gutters give the home a more finished style because they look like crown molding.

However, this isn’t to say that U-shaped gutters are bad for curb appeal. You can work with your contractor and work out a way to make the gutters complement your home. Also, remember to pick a color that matches your fascia and the rest of your roof for a beautiful finish.

Picking Rain Gutters Made easy

The above information should make choosing the right gutters for your home a breeze. Just remember to also pick the right contractor for your rain gutter installation. Installing gutters by yourself is always a bad idea; the results will be more than underwhelming.

Schedule an estimate today if you’re in need of professional and expedient rain gutter installation. We’ll sort you out.


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