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What Is a Gutter System and Why Do I Need It?

gutter system

The gutter system on a residential structure is often a component of the roof that is overlooked by homeowners. Many of us know that they are there but actually pay very little attention to what they do or why they are necessary. What many fail to realize is that the gutters play a vital role in protecting the home, from the top of the roof right down to the foundation, in many ways. 

How a Gutter System Protects Your Home

Gutters work to guide the water away from your home. They do this to prevent damage. Regardless of how often or how gently it snows or rains, gutters are important in protecting your home and property from water damage. There are several ways the gutter system protects various aspects of your home.

Prevents the Erosion of Landscape

Many people often overlook the importance of gutters when it comes to protecting the landscaping around homes. Most homeowners take great pride in their gardens and devote hours each week to tending to their plants and maintaining them. When gutters do not work correctly, it can result in water pouring down straight from the roof. The impact of the water can cause severe damage to plants and shrubs. It can also cause the soil to erode and shift the plants away from their desired location.

The gutter system helps to prevent this from happening. The gutters divert the water away from the plants and home so they do not suffer any harm. They also help to ensure you do not experience any dips in your yard.

Prevents Fascia Rotting

The fascia and soffit are two elements of the roof system in your home. Soffits are positioned on the underside of the roof’s overhand. The fascia is positioned on rafter ends to create a surface at the edge of the roof. Fascia board is vital for protecting your home from water and pests.

 If the gutters fail to function properly and become clogged, it can result in rainwater overflowing. The water may then hit the wooden fascia and cause damage. Unfortunately, it only takes a few hours before the fascia becomes damaged, which could lead to pest infestations and leaks ruining your roof, attack, and more. Fixing fascia and soffit problems can easily cost a few thousand dollars. Having a properly functioning gutter system can help to avoid this issue. 

Protects the Foundation

The gutter system on your home works to manage water from rainfall. It does this by allowing the water to flow down and away from your home whenever it rains, or water falls onto your roof. Most gutter systems connect to the eaves or homes and catch water as it flows down the roof.

The water then follows the gutter system, which is placed at a very slight slope and down through the downspouts. The water is then redirected away from your home and into your yard, a waste system, or a system designed to catch rainwater for recycling. In any situation, it directs the water away from your foundation to ensure it does not puddle at the base and penetrate through.

If water does come in contact with the foundation when it rains, there is a chance that it will erode the surface over time. Erosion can lead to severe leaks and even structural damage. Having to fix foundation problems can be extremely expensive. A gutter system that functions correctly can help you avoid this costly situation. 

Prevents Flooding in Your Home

In addition to causing damage to your foundation, there is a risk that rain can result in flooding. When water is not redirected properly away from your home, it can penetrate through the foundation and pour into your basement. This can result in flooding inside your home. 

Flooding in your home can be extremely costly to remediate. Unfortunately, flooding can also result in significant damage to your personal belongings and disrupt your life. When gutters function properly, it drastically reduces the risk of dealing with any damage or flooding.

Helps With Pest Control

When gutters fail to function correctly, it can result in water pooling up inside of them. This can cause the water to flow back onto the roof and could penetrate through the surface and cause damage. Not only does rainwater have the potential to cause leaks in your roof, but it can also create an attractive place for cockroaches, rats, and other posts to live. 

Keeping your gutter system working correctly can prevent this from happening. Without still water, decaying leaves, and other debris clogging up the system, it can flow freely. 

Helps Preserve the Driveway

When the gutter system does not correctly divert water away from your home, it can result in water puddling on your driveway and sidewalks. Over time, this water will warp the concrete and cause bowing and cracks. This can cause the soil below to swell and lift up the concrete, causing even larger cracks and more damage. 

Replacing concrete can be quite costly and time-consuming. Even patching the damaged area can be a big task. Ensuring that your gutters are working properly can help keep the water from pooling up and protect your driveway and concrete around your home. 

Keeps Your Exterior Clean

When water rolls down from your roof and lands on the ground, it can cause water and dirt to splash back up onto your siding. These splashes can make a big mess and make your home appear dirty, dated, and messy. A properly functioning gutter system will ensure this does not happen so your home can stay cleaner longer.

Contact Our Professionals Today for Assistance

At the sight of any problems with your gutter system, it is important to take quick action. Reaching out to our roofing professionals at Amenity Roofing can help you avoid any costly repairs needed due to gutters that do not function properly. 
Whether you need a new gutter system, you are interested in gutter guards, or you simply want your gutters inspected, you can depend on our team to deliver quality and professional services. Contact us today at (630) 636-9954 to see how we can help.


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