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Top Things That Can Affect and Void Your Roof Warranty

Roof Warranty

When you have a new roof placed on your home, there is a significant chance that it will come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This type of warranty can help to offset any costs related to the maintenance of your roof or repairs. Like other product warranties, each roof warranty will have different transferability terms, lengths, and coverage exclusions. 

Unfortunately, many homeowners unknowingly take actions that void the warranty, leaving them to deal with problems on their own should they arise. Countless homeowners do not even learn that their warranties are void until it is too late. This makes it important to understand the most common reasons why homeowners have their warranty claims denied for being void.

Reasons Why Your Roof Warranty May Be Voided

There are several reasons why your roof warranty may be voided. In some cases, actions that you take can impact the effectiveness of your warranty. In other cases, the issues are beyond your control. Here are some of the most common. 

There Is Not Adequate Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation plays a vital role in the health of your roof and how long it lasts. Adequate ventilation ensures that air is able to flow through the attic space correctly. It prevents overheating, and it prevents the buildup of moisture. Unfortunately, not having adequate roof ventilation can result in severe problems quickly.

When a roof is not adequately ventilated, it can have a significant impact on your warranty. Inadequate ventilation can cause warping, wearing, and fading on your shingles. It can even result in problems with the integrity of your roof. Trapped heat and moisture can affect the roof decking and your attic. Regrettably, it can also prevent you from making a claim for repairs through the roof warranty company. 

It Was Poorly Installed

It is vital that roofs are properly installed. When it comes down to it, roofing companies are especially finicky when it comes to how their products are installed and what methods are used. They have strict rules for how many nails must be used for each shingle, how long the nails can be, and various other aspects of the installation process. When these guidelines are not followed precisely, it can void the warranty for your roof. 

There Are Satellite Dishes and Antennas on It

Antennae and satellite dishes are found in homes across the country. These are used to direct television signals into homes to provide television services. In many cases, these objects are placed on the roof to help them achieve the best, uninterrupted signal. Unfortunately, these can severely impact the roof warranty. 

If there is damage related to the antenna or the satellite dish, it could limit the workmanship part of the warranty related to the area on the roof where they are placed. This can be referred to as “mechanical damage,” which many roof warranty companies will not cover. 

If the satellite dish or antenna is not installed correctly, it can lead to severe leaks and other issues. It is important to consult with the roofing company before the installation of the satellite dish to determine how it may affect your warranty coverage.

You Have Skylights

Like satellite dishes and antennae, there is a chance that skylights may impact your roof warranty, as well. To place a skylight on your roof, you will need to lift the shingles and penetrate the roof. This can void the roof warranty, leaving you vulnerable in the case of leaks or other issues.

Although skylights look great, they require installers to drill directly into the roof, which can increase the risk of leaks or other issues. It is important to discuss any planned skylights on your home with your roof installer prior to installation. This can help you avoid any issues with your roof warranty once it is in place.

Hot Roofs

Spray foam insulation can be used around the sheathing of your roof. This is a process that is referred to as hot roofing. When homeowners opt for this type of insulation, it can cause problems with the attic ventilation. As a result, the chances of shingles heating up are drastically increased. This can lead to shingles fading and drastically shorten their lifespan. Additionally, it may nullify the roof warranty

You Pressure Washed It

Having a roof that is clean of debris, clutter, and moss is important to most homeowners. Letting moss continue to grow over time can result in trapped moisture, which can increase the chance of damage. This could include cracked shingles, frost damage, and other problems. As a result, many homeowners climb up onto their roofs or hire a company to pressure wash the surface. 

Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to realize that pressure washing the roof can cause damage to the shingles. Shingles are designed to protect the roof from the elements. However, they are not typically designed to withstand high-pressure impact at close ranges. As a result, many roofing companies will nullify the roof warranty coverage if a homeowner does use a pressure washer to clean their roof.

Rather than using a high-pressure washing system, it can be helpful to use metallic zing strips that release fungus inhibitors whenever it rains. 

The New Roof Was Laid Over an Existing Roof

There are instances where contractors try to save on labor costs by laying new roofs over existing roofs. Unfortunately, this can prevent the new roof from properly sealing and lead to serious issues, like leaks and lifted tiles, quickly. It is imperative that the old roof is removed completely before a new roof is set in place. 

If a new roof is placed over the old roof, it can void or shorten the roof warranty in most cases. 

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