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Hail Damage Report

According to a report published by HAAG Engineering, ‘ Morrison (1999) defined damage to roofing as a diminution of water-shedding capability or a reduction in the expected long-term life of the roofing material. Marshall and Herzog (1999) more specifically defined functional hail-caused damage to asphalt shingles as punctures, tears, or fractures (bruises) in the shingle mats (Figure 1). Shingle bruises are an indentation with fracture in the mat that feels soft like that of an apple bruise. The bruise is usually obvious as granules are  also dislodged from the impact area exposing the asphaltic mat.’

The report went on to define some of the weakest areas of the shingle. Those areas were determined to be the slots or joints of 3 tab shingles and the center and butts of the 3-tab. Some examples of this damage is included.

If your roof is damaged like this, contact Amenity Roofing to get your roof repaired!


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