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Misconceptions About Metal Roof Aesthetics

Metal roofing can offer challenges, such as finding an experienced installation contractor, but some homeowners may have an exaggerated idea of just how many problems a metal roof will cause. For example, many homeowners think a metal roof is only for barns and rustic-styled buildings, or that it will make an unappealing drumming sound during rain.

Here are some common misconceptions about metal roof aesthetics that you should let go of if you want to keep an open mind about roof materials for your next roof installation project.

Misconception 1: Metal Roofing Will Appear Corrugated

The traditional, common, inexpensive type of metal roofing often used on barns has a corrugated appearance. But metal is a malleable, workable material and you probably won’t be surprised to hear that it can also be shaped into other roofing styles.

However, many homeowners are unaware of how many of these alternate styles of metal roofing are actually on the market today. You can find metal roofing shaped into tile- or slate-like components or even shaped and textured to look like an asphalt roof.

Misconception 2: Metal Roofing Would Sound Like a Barn Roof

Visual input isn’t the only way that roofing could create an unappealing sensory experience, though. Some homeowners are concerned that during a rainstorm, their metal roof would sound like someone was drumming on it. This unattractive sound profile could make any roof seem like less of a bargain. However, the idea that metal roofing is noisy is actually false.

Several factors combine to create the loud auditory profile of the barn roof you might be thinking of. For starters, a barn roof may be installed over bare rafters, which allows the sound to amplify throughout the barn, making it much louder. And the barn roof likely isn’t installed with any cushioning.

The metal roof installation process used on a home is much different. Not only is the material installed over a roof deck, but in some cases it may be installed over an existing shingle roof. Having enough fasteners to hold the roof solidly in place can also make it less likely to rattle, as can the use of a cushioning type of underlayment and the insulation in your attic.

Misconception 3: My HOA Won’t Allow Metal Because It’s Unattractive

Your HOA (Homeowners’ Association) may have a blanket prohibition of metal roofing. Or it may only ban corrugated or sheet metal roofing, in which case a different style might be fine.

If your HOA does have a blanket ban on metal roofing, ask for an exception once you’ve decided on a non-metal-looking style of roofing and obtained a sample to demonstrate how your roof will look. You can even ask your roofing contractor to come with you when you talk to the board, to explain why your roof will be different from what they expect.

Misconception 4: Metal Roofing Comes in Limited Colors and Finishes

You may still have a mental image of a metal roof finish that’s metallic looking. A metal roof doesn’t have to appear metallic unless you like that aesthetic. Matte paints and finishes, textured shingles, and other products can help disguise the fact that your roof is made of a metallic material.

Misconception 5: Metal Roofing Won’t Go With a Traditional Aesthetic

Thinking outside the box can be difficult, especially with something as risky as trying a different type of roof. Because of the wide range of shapes, styles, and colors available, though, metal roofing can go with practically any style of home.

Even if your house is from the Colonial period (or designed in a Colonial style), you can find a metal product that will go well with the aesthetic. For instance, metal products that simulate natural slate, tiles, or cedar roof shingles may look authentic, yet offer superior performance at an affordable price.

Believing these misconceptions could keep even homeowners who think they have an open mind from making use of the metal roofing products on the market today. For more information on metal roofing styles, products, and installation, get in touch with Amenity Roofing, Siding & Gutters LLC today.


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