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Gutter Replacement: Costs and Considerations

gutter replacement

Are you noticing that something is just not quite right when it comes to the appearance of your gutters? One is lopsided, and the other looks like it is disconnecting from your home. It’s time to call in some serious gutter repair experts! But how much is this going to cost you? As a homeowner, it can be difficult to budget for all the different aspects that keep your home running optimally. That’s why here at Amenity Roofing, we will give you a realistic cost breakdown of gutter replacement, repairs, and maintenance that you can expect as a homeowner in Illinois.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Your Gutters? A Realistic Breakdown

Replacing your gutters can be costly, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. With a few easy fixes and some basic know-how, you can get the job done without blowing your budget. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll need when replacing your gutters, along with some rough estimates on costs to help you plan and prepare. We’ll be honest; replacing gutters isn’t cheap, but there are ways to keep costs low without sacrificing quality!

Here’s what a budget-friendly gutter replacement may look like:


  • Seamless gutters: $3-$7 per linear foot
  • Downspouts and elbows: $2-$6 each
  • End caps, splash blocks, and miters: $4-$10 each
  • Gutter sealant or caulk: $4-$10
  • Hangers: $1-$2 each


  • Removal of old gutters and downspouts: $3-$5 per linear foot
  • Installation of new gutters and downspouts: $4-$7 per linear foot
  • Adjustment, sealing, or caulking of joints: $2-$3 per joint.

Total costs for a budget-friendly gutter replacement can range from about $2,000 to $4,500, depending on your home’s size and the material you choose. With proper maintenance and regular care, you can keep your gutters looking great while sticking to your budget! So, let’s dive in and talk about the long-term repair and maintenance costs associated with keeping your gutters in tip-top shape. 

The Cost to Repair Your Gutters: A Realistic Breakdown

It’s no secret that gutters can be unpredictable and expensive. But how much does it really cost to repair and maintain your gutter system? Let’s break it down!

First of all, the cost of repairing a broken gutter depends on the size and location of the problem.

  • If you’re just looking for a quick patch-up job, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $100. This includes fixing cracked seams or minor holes in your gutter system.
  • For larger repairs, such as replacing sections of gutters or whole downspouts, you’ll probably need to shell out around $200.

Hopefully, repairs won’t come often, and we here at Amenity Roofing recommend getting a checkup on your gutters after a big storm or weather event. If you are in need of repairs now, we hope this guide gives you a good idea of how to budget for the costs ahead. This leads up to our next point- the importance of regular maintenance.

Is Regular Gutter Maintenance Worth It?

When it comes to protecting your home from water damage, regular gutter maintenance is essential. But how much does gutter maintenance cost, and what can you expect for the price?

The cost of gutter maintenance depends largely on the size of your home and the type of system you’re working with. Generally speaking, the average homeowner can expect to pay between $75 and $400 for complete gutter maintenance.

Here’s a breakdown of the different costs associated with regular gutter maintenance:

  • Cleaning: Most professionals charge an hourly rate for cleaning gutters, which typically ranges from $50 to $300 per hour, depending on the size of your home.
  • Repairs: If your gutters have suffered damage, such as rust or corrosion, you can expect to pay an additional fee for repairs. The cost of repair services varies depending on the severity of the damage.
  • Sealing: In order to prevent future leaks and water damage, most gutter maintenance professionals recommend resealing your gutters at least once a year. Sealing typically costs anywhere from $50 to $100 per hour, depending on the type of sealant used.

In addition to these expenses, you may also want to consider investing in gutter guards or screens. These items are designed to help keep leaves and debris out of your gutters so they don’t need to be cleaned as often. Gutter guards or screens typically cost between $5 and $10 per linear foot, depending on the type you choose.

Overall, regular gutter maintenance is essential for protecting your home from water damage and other issues. While it may seem like a hefty expense upfront, investing in regular maintenance can save you money in the long run. 

Gutter Maintenance: A (Not So) Regular Reminder

It’s a regular refrain that most homeowners are familiar with—how often should I have my gutters maintained? While this is a question that requires an answer on a case-by-case basis, there are some general guidelines that you can follow.

It’s important to remember that gutter maintenance is an essential part of home maintenance. By keeping your gutters free of debris, you can prevent water damage and ensure that your roof remains in top condition.

In general, most experts recommend having your gutters cleaned twice a year—once in the spring and again in the fall. This allows for optimum drainage throughout all the seasons.

However, depending on your location and climate, you may need to clean your gutters more often. In colder climates, for example, snow can accumulate in your gutters and cause them to clog up quickly. It’s also worth noting that if you live in an area with a lot of trees or other debris-creating elements, then you may need to clean your gutters more often to prevent clogs.

Contact Amenity Roofing For All Your Gutter Installation, Repair, and Maintenance Needs

Amenity Roofing is your go-to source for all gutter installation, repair, and maintenance needs. Our team of experienced professionals can provide quality workmanship that will ensure your gutters last through the toughest weather conditions. 

We know how important it is to keep rainwater flowing away from your home instead of pooling around the foundation, so we make sure to use the highest quality materials and provide superior service. Our technicians have an eye for detail, so you can trust that your gutters will be properly installed and maintained. Contact us today for a free estimate. 


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