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How Gutter Guards Can Ensure Your Gutters Function Properly

Gutter guards

As a homeowner, keeping your gutters clean and functioning correctly is essential to protecting your home from water damage. Clogged gutters can cause water to pool on your roof, leak into your attic, and rot wood trim. Installing gutter guards can help you avoid clogged gutters and ensure rainwater flows freely through your gutter system. Read on to learn all about gutter guards and why you should have them installed today.

Why Gutter Guards Are Essential

Your gutters serve one crucial purpose: diverting rainwater away from your home’s foundation. Over time, leaves, sticks, moss, and other debris collect in your gutters, blocking water flow. This trapped moisture causes wood rot, attracts pests, stains exterior paint, and seeps into your attic or walls. No one wants to risk incurring thousands in water damage repair costs. Gutter guards prevent debris buildup, so you can rest assured rain will move through your gutters instead of pooling on your roof.

Consider Your Roof Type

When selecting gutter guards, you must consider your roofing material. Guards suitable for asphalt shingles may allow pine needles to slip through on a cedar shake roof. Brush guards effectively block leaves from entering half-round gutters on a brick exterior but let small debris pass on homes with aluminum soffits. Determine what debris threatens your gutters most. Then, choose guards to block those specific items.

Mesh Gutter Guards Are Affordable

Basic mesh gutter guards provide an affordable debris barrier. The interwoven stainless steel or aluminum wire allows water to flow freely, keeping most leaves and pine needles out. Larger debris, like roof shingles, may still enter, requiring occasional maintenance. But mesh guards prevent the majority of clogs, helping precipitation drain. Just ensure the mesh is fine enough to block tiny debris like seeds.

Consider LeafFilter® Guards

Many homeowners love LeafFilter® gutter guards. As the name implies, these guards consist of a fine metal mesh curved into the gutter trough. The shape and perforated openings are small enough to block all leaves and pine needles from entering. But heavier debris may still fall in, demanding maintenance now and then. Leaf filters keep gutters functioning, minus most common debris culprits. Installation is quick since no fasteners penetrate your roof.

Brush Guards Deflect Small Debris

For superior debris-blocking power, turn to brush guards. Rows of angled metal or plastic bristles extend over part of your gutter, serving as the first defense against clogs. Rainwater easily flows between the bristles. Meanwhile, the thick “brush” deflects most leaves, needles, seeds, and other debris. These guards require robust gutters able to hold the weight. But the tradeoff means brush guards practically eliminate gutter cleaning duties.

Consider Custom Guards For Angled Roofs

Standard gutter guard types don’t always suit homes with angled roofs. Luckily, you can order custom-fit guards. These use thicker gauge metal, custom measured and cut to rest snugly within your uniquely shaped gutters. The guards often attach via robust fasteners both inside the gutter and screw into the fascia board. It’s extra work measuring and tailoring guards for mismatched sections. But the result is a near-perfect fit blocking nearly all debris ingress.

Choose Between Steel and Aluminum

When selecting metal gutter guards, you’ll encounter options that use either aluminum, galvanized, or stainless steel. Aluminum guards are affordable, resist rust, and are relatively durable. However, aluminum is a softer metal prone to dents and misshaping. Steel guards offer unmatched durability, holding up better to debris impact over their lengthy lifespan. Choose galvanized or stainless steel for superior strength. But expect to pay more than basic aluminum guards.

Copper Guards Offer Visual Appeal

Copper gutter guards are an excellent option that can help boost your home’s aesthetic appeal. The rich metallic sheen perfectly complements copper gutters and downspouts. Or the warm, reddish hue pops against darker brick and stone exteriors. Copper guards maintain their eye-catching shine for decades too. The higher cost compared to aluminum pays dividends if aesthetics are a priority. Just know copper guards require diligent cleaning to stay attractive long-term.

Guards With Screens Keep Out Bees

Homes near meadows and forests deal with bees attempting to form hives in gutters. Special gutter guards feature integrated screens, keeping the determined insects out. The fine stainless steel mesh blocks bees and wasps while its smooth surface prevents them from gripping. Of course, the screen must be small enough also to block debris. Copper screen guards deliver added insect protection while complementing your home’s aesthetics.

Consider Guards With Water Dams

Specific gutter guards feature tiny water dams between each row of perforations. These dams catch water, allowing it to pool and evaporate during lighter precipitation instead of overloading gutters. With heavier rainfall, the dams overflow and divert water as intended. Overall, less water enters, which means less chance of overflow and water seeping under roof shingles or fascia. If your area experiences regular light and heavy rainfall, dams help during both weather conditions.

Seek Professional Installation

While gutter guards seem simple enough to install yourself, our professional gutter contractors have the know-how to ensure proper fitting and function. First, we examine your roofline, gutter types, and typical local debris. Then, our professionals choose suitable gutter guards and customize them as needed. Our contractors also spot potential leaks ahead of time based on your roof’s shape and gutter position. Finally, our experts properly secure the guards at optimal angles to shed debris while maintaining water flow.

Schedule Annual Gutter Cleanings

Gutter guards aren’t completely maintenance-free. Schedule professional cleanings at least once a year to keep them functioning correctly. Crews clear out any debris that managed to enter, ensuring no hidden pile-up behind guards. Professionals also check for and patch any leaks, plus examine guards for dents or damage. Finally, ask crews to confirm all gutter hangers remain securely fastened. This minor annual maintenance keeps your gutters and guards working great for decades to come.

Transform Your Gutters Today

Neglected, debris-clogged gutters lead to thousands in home repairs from wood rot, water stains, pest infestations, and more. Installing tailor-fit gutter guards suitable for your roof and climate ensures rainwater flows freely through your gutters. Check out the many guard options to find the ideal balance of debris-blocking power, cost, durability, and aesthetics. Protect your home and transform your gutters with guards today. For affordable, top-quality gutter guard installation in Montgomery, IL, trust our experts at Amenity Roofing & Siding. Call 1-630-636-9954 today for your free estimate.


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