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What You Should Know About White Roofs for Your Home

As a homeowner, you may want to make improvements to your property to boost its energy efficiency. Not only does an energy-efficient home have lower power bills, but it also releases fewer emissions into the atmosphere. A white roof is one idea to explore for your home. Keep reading for more information that will help you decide if a white roof is right for your needs.

Arguments for a White Roof

The rationale behind a white roof is simple; light-colored roofs reflect heat, while dark-colored roofs absorb heat. Roofs that absorb heat lead to hotter homes that require more energy to cool to a comfortable temperature. A white roof sends the heat back into the atmosphere and lowers your home’s interior temperature.

Proponents for white roofs state that they’re a simple way for homeowners to lower their cooling needs. There’s also data that suggests white roofs may have longer lifespans than their darker counterparts. The lower temperature of a white roof puts less stress on the materials so that it achieves a longer lifespan.

Counterarguments Against a White Roof

Experts disagree how much of an impact white roofs have in the battle against climate change. Data indicates that white roofs have a more significant effect in citiesor areas that have a lot of dark-colored surfaces, like roads, parking lots, and conventional roofs. These dark materials absorb heat and can raise the temperature of the entire city (when compared to neighboring towns with lower population densities).

Consider the area where you live to determine the actual benefits of a white roof both to your energy bills and the environment. If you live in the country or even the suburbs, a white roof is generally less beneficial than if you reside in a crowded city.

Advocates argue that roofs lead to cooler homes that require less air conditioning; the less air conditioning a home needs, the lower its emission of greenhouse gases. However, a study done by Stanford suggests the possibility that white roofs may add more heat to the environment and hasten climate change. Do your research to decide whether or not a white roof will help in your area.

If you live in an area with frigid winter temperatures, you may have concerns about how a light roof will influence your home’s ability to retain heat. In theory, a light-colored roof will cause your home to retain less heat, potentially raising your heating costs. However, you should remember certain factors about the sun during the winter.

The days are shorter in the winter, and this means that the sun has less time to potentially raise the interior temperature of your home. Sunlight also hits at a different angle that’s less effective at heating your home. Any heat that the sun does add to your home will likely rise to your attic, rather than heating your actual living space.

Because of these factors, according to Business Insider, many experts believe that the money saved during the summer months on AC costs make up for any potential heating costs during the colder months in regards to a white roof.

Options to Add a White Roof to Your Home

You have a few alternatives if you decide a white roof is right for your home. The best choice depends on your budget and the age of your existing roof. If your roof is at the beginning of its lifespan, you can paint the existing materials with white paint. Look for a paint with reflective properties should you opt for this method.

Another option is to replace your current roof with one that consists of light-colored materials. This is a better solution if your roof is old and in need of replacement. Your roofer can help you explore light materials suitable for your roofing needs.

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