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The Top Signs Your Tile Roof Needs Professional Service

Does your tile roof need a repair or a replacement? Clay and concrete tiles can last for a century or more, according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). But that doesn’t mean this roofing material is damage-proof. If you have a tile roof, take a look at the top signs it needs a repair or replacement.

Chipped or Cracked Tiles
Clear cracks and chipped edges are obvious signs of wear and tear or storm damage. While one chipped tile may not cause serious roof-related issues, widespread damage across entire areas or the full roof require immediate professional attention.

Never attempt to remove, repair, or replace a concrete or clay tile yourself. Even though clay and concrete are strong, durable building materials, repairs to or replacement of these tiles requires the expertise and experience of a roofing contractor. Beyond the roofing and material knowledge a professional brings to the job, the contractor can complete the service in a time-effective and safe way.

Along with aesthetic issues, failure to repair or replace chipped tiles can result in leaks. Breaks in the roof allow rainwater and melted snow and ice to enter your home from above. Not only can this damage the area directly under the roof, but it can also cause wood rot in the attic, support mold growth in your home, or ruin interior plaster, drywall, and wallpaper.

Musty Smell Inside
Cracks and chips aren’t always easy to see — especially if you have a steep or high roof. If you can’t clearly visualize the clay or concrete tiles, you need to rely on other methods to assess potential wear or damage.

A musty scent inside your home could indicate mold growth. While a roof leak isn’t the only potential cause, it can let water into your attic, through the walls, and throughout your home. The damp environment a leak causes can support mold.
If your home has a musty smell and you can’t find the source, contact a roofing contractor for an inspection. The professional can assess the tile shingles from the roof level. They can also look for potential leaks and determine if the musty smell is roof-related mold growth. To prevent future problems, the roofer will need to repair or replace any existing damage.

Discolored Tiles
Do your formerly pink or orange roof tiles look black or green? Dark growth on roofing tiles is typically an algae issue. Like cracked or chipped tiles, algae growth impacts the overall aesthetics of your roof. Clay and concrete tiles have an elegant, often rustic, charm. Algae streaks and stains can ruin the warm and colorful look of your roof.

Beyond the exterior aesthetics of your home, if left untreated, the algae can cause permanent problems. Failure to quickly address algae issues may result in stains that stay long after a professional cleaning. Along with permanent stains, moisture from the top layer of the roof can result in wood rot or other types of damage inside of your home.

Untreated algae can also spread to other areas of your home’s exterior or additional structures on your property. If your roof has streaks or stains, a professional roofer can address the issue and recommend a repair or remediation treatment. While this may not prevent a reoccurrence, an expert-level service can stop algae spread and reduce the risks of rot and other related roof issues.

Granule loss
Swift rains, hail stones and strong winds can affect the granules on asphalt shingles. The granules add to the shingles’ color and help to reflect light. Granule loss can negatively impact the energy efficiency of your roof. It can also reduce the life expectancy of your shingle due to prolonged UV exposure to the asphalt bitumen.

Fix flashing
Flashing is located at roof to wall integrations, parapet walls,  and covers seams and other gap-like areas. The roofer can inspect the flashing and make repairs during regular maintenance visits.

Does your roof need a repair? If your clay or concrete tile roof has cracks, chips, storm damage, algae growth, or another suspected issue, you need professional help as soon as possible. Contact Amenity Roofing, Siding & Gutters LLC, for more information.


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