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Spring Roof To-Do List

Winter storms, snow, and ice can wreak havoc on your roof and leave you with damage and leaks. After the spring thaw, once most of the ice and snow are gone, you should check your roof for damage both inside and out. Here is more information about what specifically should before the spring and summer rains hit.

Things to Check in the Spring (and Why)

Part of the problem with snow and ice is that it can melt and refreeze several times over the winter. This not only expands any existing leaks, it can also cause ice dams that damage parts of your roof. When you do a basic visual inspection in the spring, pay special attention to these roof parts.


Ice dams put pressure on your gutters and cause them to rip away from your roof. Even if you don’t have an ice dam problem, the weight of regular snow, combined with any debris, can weigh them down.

Interior Attic Roof

Warmer air in the attic contrasted with a cold roof means that thick condensation could form and drift down from rafters. This potentially contributes to damage to the wooden structure and the contents in the attic.

Roof Shingles

Snow and ice, as well as winter winds, often cause shingles to curl up, come part, and even blow away. Missing shingles open up spots that could become soft and leak.


Check the chimney for any broken and missing pieces and make sure the flashing is intact. Torn flashing allows water and debris to seep through to the attic.

Tree Branches

If you have nearby trees, then chances are that you have parts of those tree on your roof by the time the winter is over. If those pieces are small, then you may only need to clean them off, but larger pieces may require professional removal.

Things to Do for Your Roof in Spring

After you’ve done your cursory inspection, then go more in-depth clean up your roof and fix problems before the summer. Here is a short list of things you should do for your roof in the spring.

Have an Inspection

You should have regular professional roof inspections either in the fall or in the spring. Another time to have your roof inspected is if you have definite storm damage or your roof has lost a large number of shingles.

Clean the Gutters

If your gutters are still in good shape, then have any winter debris cleaned out. Your gutters have likely accumulated their fair share of leaves and small branches over the winter. Clearing them out will ensure that the summer rains don’t pool up on your roof and cause further damage.

Check for Mold and Algae

Small amounts of mold and algae around the edges of your roof or on the fascia are generally not a problem. However, make sure that it doesn’t spread or cause damage to any wood parts. A large patch of mold inside the attic could be signs of a leak.

Repair Missing Shingles and Fascia

These parts are your roof’s first defense against rain and wind. If you wait too long to fix them, your roof could develop leaks and a weak areas. Also check over your siding for any loose pieces or winter damage.

While you can make many repairs yourself, do not put yourself at risk if you are not accustomed to this type of work. A professional roofer can pick out potential trouble spots that most people may miss and has the experience and tools to make repairs. The experts at Amenity Roofing, Siding & Gutters LLC can inspect and make repairs to your roof as well as your siding. Contact us for an appointment and estimate.

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