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How to Prepare for A Roofing Service

roofing service

Are you prepared for your upcoming roofing service? 

Roofing projects require a lot of preparation and are one of the biggest projects a homeowner can undertake. 

When you are hiring a contractor for a roofing service, there are several steps that you should take to prepare your home. Do you want to learn more about professional roofing services and what you need to do? 

Keep reading this guide for the top steps to follow when you are getting a roof repair service or a roof replacement service. 

Clear Your Driveway

One of the first things you should do before your roofer services is clear your driveway. When you have a roofing company coming for a roof repair or replacement, they will likely need to access your driveway. This way, they can easily place a ladder to access your roof and will have a place to park their commercial vehicles. 

In some cases, they will even bring a dumpster with them for your roofing service and will need to place it in your driveway. 

Plus, you don’t want your car to get damaged by any roofing materials or debris, so it is safest to keep your car in the garage or parked somewhere on the street. 

Keep Kids and Pets Safe

Because roofing projects can be such a loud and invasive process, it is best that you prepare arrangements for your kids and pets when you are getting a roofing service. While they will be perfectly safe in your home, the sounds of people walking around on the roof, hammering, and other construction noises may cause them unnecessary stress. 

Plus, it can be dangerous for children and pets to go outside during a roofing project. There may be nails or other roofing debris on the ground and there is a risk of things falling on them while they are outside. 

You may want to err on the side of caution and have your young children and pets spend the day with a neighbor or a relative so they are away from the construction. 

Protect Your Plants and Outdoor Furniture

As was mentioned before, it is likely that some types of roofing debris will fall off the roof during the process. This is especially common when you are getting a roof replacement, as the company will likely have to tear off the existing roof before replacing it. 

While the professional roofers will do their best to properly dispose of all of this debris in a dumpster, there is a chance that some of this could fall off the roof and land in your flower beds, on your patio furniture, and more. 

To protect your plants, furniture, and other outside belongings, it is best to move them during the roofing process or simply cover them with a sheet or with a tarp. 

Remove Fragile Decor

While the roofers will not be working in your home, the vibrations of them working on your roof can potentially cause damage to your belongings. Because of this, you may need to remove fragile decor and wall hangings to keep them from getting broken. 

Things like photos, mirrors, and other things hanging on hooks and nails on your wall should be taken down to prepare for your roofing service. 

Protect Items Stored in the Attic

If you have an attic in your home, the belongings that are stored up there may be impacted during the roof repair or replacement service. As the workers walk around on your roof and start the repair or replacement, it is easy for dust and other debris to fall from the roof and settle throughout your attic. 

To protect these belongings, it is best to cover them or move them to another space in your home until the roofing service is complete. 

Prepare Power Sources

Your roofing company may need access to the power in your home so they can use their tools. Some common roofing tools, such as nail guns and saws, will need to be plugged into your home during this project. 

If you don’t have any outdoor power sources, you may need to find another solution. For example, you can run extension cords into your home. 

Make sure you discuss the needs of your roofing company before you start the project. This way, you can be prepared with an adequate power source. 

Remove Your Antennas and Dishes

If you have any antennas or satellite dishes on your roof, these will likely need to be removed for a roof replacement or a major repair. This way, the roofing company will have full access to your roof. 

It is best to contact your provider to have them remove the satellite until the project is complete. Otherwise, it may get damaged by the roofing company while they are working on your roof. 

Plus, trying to remove them yourself or asking the roofing company to remove these from your roof can potentially damage your antennas or satellite dishes. 

Talk With Your Neighbors

Finally, you need to talk with your neighbors before you start your scheduled roofing service. While this isn’t necessary, a roofing project affects more than just you and your family. You may have loud crews working in your neighborhood, trucks parked on your street, and more. 

It is a nice gesture to talk with your neighbors ahead of time so they can know what to expect!

If your neighbors have any concerns about parking issues, roof debris, or anything else, you can talk with your roofing company to come to a solution. 

Need Help Preparing for a Roofing Service? 

When you are getting your roof repaired or replaced, it can be a massive undertaking. Learning more about how you can prepare for these services will ensure that your property is properly protected and that you don’t have any issues arise during the process. 

If you need help with roofing services in Illinois, Amenity Roofing, Siding & Gutters can help! Our team can help with anything from roof replacement, repair, and roof cleaning services. 

Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an estimate with our expert roofers. 


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