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How To Keep Roof Problems At Bay

roof problems

Out of sight means out of mind. This adage applies greatly to homeowners when it comes to taking care of their roofs. 

When was the last time you paid any attention to this important structure that protects your home, valuables, and loved ones from harm and the elements? It’s important to do certain things annually and/or quarterly to keep your roof up to date and quell roof problems before they happen.  

Keep reading to find out what these essential roof care steps are. 

1. Do an Annual Inspection

Just like you would roam around your home to ensure that everything is in order once a month or even oftener, you need to do the same for the roof. The reason most homeowners balk from doing this is because it’s a pain.

You have to borrow a ladder or some other implement and then climb up to ensure your roof is doing well. If you are afraid of heights, then this endeavor becomes even more impossible. 

If you just can’t do this on your own, then hire roof repair services to do a regular inspection for you. Although it would be better if you could just get over your fears and inhibitions and do a quarterly check-up yourself. 

It will inform you what your roof looks like regularly and when something is off or strange, you will notice that change right away. This will teach you a lot about your roof and how to keep it healthy and long-lasting.

2. Don’t Let It Get Dirt or Let Debris Pile Up

This is a big caution that many roof caretaking blogs will warn you about. Don’t let anything, be it snow, debris, mud, dirt, or leaves pile up on your roof. 

Yes, your roof is strong and can handle a lot of random weather conditions and other circumstances. But that doesn’t mean that you should be putting more pressure on it than necessary. 

Any time you have debris or snow on your roof, this is a disaster waiting to happen. It could dislodge or break shingles or the wet leaves could lead to mold developing. Berries or some other food items like that could attract pests.

Just like you take painstaking efforts to clean your home and yard weekly, you will want to do the same for your roof as well. Once a month should be more than enough, but if you get a lot of snow in your city, then make sure to de-pile it more often.

3. Do Clean the Gutters Regularly

Another cautionary tale to follow without fail: do not leave your gutters to accumulate leaves, dirt, and other debris.

Take time to clean it regularly, especially during the fall when leaves fall in great numbers or if you live next to a tree that sheds enormous amounts of leaves.

The gutter is meant to help collect water and deposit it away from your roof, but if it’s clogged up with debris, it can’t do that properly. And where do you think all that water is going to go? 

Yes, that’s right. It will ruin your roof by causing mildew and mold, or worse.

One additional thing to mention here – make sure to check on your siding as well and ensure it’s not broken in any way. And if it is, get it repaired asap as it can adversely affect your roof. 

4. Don’t Leave Mildew and Mold To Grow

When you do the quarterly inspection of your roof, one thing you are going to watch for is what color your roof is taking on. Some fading of color is normal and nothing to worry about. But if it’s starting to take on a yellowish, black, or greenish shine, then you have work to do.

This is mildew or mold growing on your roof and it’s not a good sign. Not only can they damage your shingles and produce a nasty odor, but they could seep into your home and cause mold toxicity which is harmful to your health. 

5. Do Practice Pest Control

You might hear rats, squirrels, bats, mice, or other creatures skittering about on/inside your roof at night and think it’s okay as long as they are out there and not inside your home. But don’t make this mistake.

They are using your roof as a home because it’s a warm place for them, especially during wintertime.

Even though they are small creatures, they can start eating through your roof trying to make their ‘home’ bigger for their children and extended families. They can destroy insulation, wiring, and more. 

Also, they aren’t the most hygienic of creatures and can cause bad smells to emanate from your roof which could seep into your home. 

Their droppings can also accumulate on and inside your roof which is a health hazard. So don’t wait until there are legions of them inside your roof, but quell the problem as soon as it arises. 

Use traps or speak to a reliable roof specialist to get their help in making your roof a pest-free zone.

6. Don’t Leave Missing or Broken Shingles Without Repairing

What is a shingle’s purpose on your roof? Well, they are there so they can prevent moisture from leaking into your attic. This is important because if the moisture gets into your attic, it could result in water damage to the rest of your home. 

Your shingles need to be in tip-top condition to ensure they do their job properly. That’s why when you do your inspection, make sure you check that your shingles aren’t broken or damaged in any way. 

If they are, repair them right away. If you don’t do this, you might end up paying thousands of dollars in water damage or other repairs in your home in the future. 

Better to nip the problem in the bud before it becomes too big to control. Remember prevention is absolutely better than cure, especially when it comes to roof care. 

7. Do Trim Trees Near or Around Your Property

Anything that can fall onto your roof and cause damage should be treated with caution. If you have any beautiful sprawling trees near or on your property, then you might love these beauties for all the shade they give you on hot summer days.

But they are also a potential hazard as their branches could get knocked loose during a summer or winter storm. These falling branches could break shingles or do worse damage that you could have to pay out of pocket to repair if you don’t have proper home insurance coverage. 

Don’t do this to your household budget. Trim any wayward branches before they become cumbersome and damage your roof. Do this before the cold weather sets in.

There are many tree-trimming companies out there that will do this for you for a small fee. 

8. Don’t Choose Just Anyone to Repair or Inspect Your Roof

Not only will you want to do inspections on your own, but you will want to bring in a roofing service once a year to do a detailed inspection of your roof. They have an eye for such things and will be able to warn you of impending danger with regard to your roof.

Without these annual inspections, you might have a deeper problem brewing in your roof that you have no idea about and then have to pay thousands of dollars in repair fees months or years later to fix it. 

Some roofing companies even use drones to do inspections, so it’s not going to be that expensive for you. 

Also, if you are comfortable doing minor repairs on your roof, that’s great. But for more major repairs, and at times when you are unsure of how to repair your roof, call in the big guns. 

There’s no need to take any risk with something as major and important as your roof. Your home’s health depends on having a healthy roof. Hire someone you trust and they will be able to help you keep your roof safe for a long time to come. 

Roof Problems Will Pop up Out of Nowhere

No matter how careful you are, or how much you inspect your roof, sometimes things happen that are out of your control. But if you do your due diligence, at least you are protecting yourself from roof problems that could drain your wallet dry in days. 

Looking for a local roofing company with 20 years of experience in the Montgomery, IL area? Get a free estimate on how much your roof repair will cost. We will even work with your insurance adjuster to ensure you don’t pay out of pocket (depending on your policy).


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