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How to Avoid Roof Problems When Remodeling Your Home

roof problems

Reap the rewards of remodeling! Americans are spending more than $400 billion a year on home remodeling. A remodel can make your home more comfortable and valuable when it comes time to move out. 

However, remodels aren’t perfect. They can lead to roof problems, which can undo everything you’ve put into your house. Before you order a remodel, you need to think about roof problems. 

What roof problems can develop during a remodel? How can you prevent roof problems? How should you protect your roof after a remodel? 

Answer these questions and you can have a perfect roof for decades to come. Here is your quick guide.

Get a Plan for Your Remodel

Your remodel can impact your roof in a few different ways. If your remodeling doesn’t affect your highest floor, you probably won’t have a roof problem.

Talk to your contractor about what your remodel will look like. If you’re getting new ceilings on your highest floor, you need to take steps to protect your roof. 

Talk to a roofing company about your remodeling plans. Get an understanding of how remodeling can impact your roof and whether you need roof repairs during your remodel. 

Remodeling is important, but making repairs to your roof should come first. Holes in your roof can cause floods and damage to your foundation, which threatens the integrity of your home. Stop the remodeling process so you can make repairs if problems develop.

Understand Common Roof Problems

Roof problems include holes and cracks in your roof. Workers can accidentally punch holes or make cracks, especially if they are working on your ceiling or attic. 

You must take care of the cracks right away. You can make temporary fixes by filling the cracks with mesh and putty, but ask a professional for a permanent solution.

But each type of roof has its own problems. Tesla solar roof problems include broken and inefficient panels. Keep workers from going up on your roof and protect the wires that connect your panels to the rest of your house.

Erie metal roof problems include discoloration and warped panels. Clean your roof during the remodeling so you avoid discoloration. You can reinforce your roof by installing additional panels and studs underneath the roof. 

You may also develop roof ridge vent problems. The ridge vent is the air exhaust vent on the peak of your roof that provides ventilation for your house.

The vent can get clogged or covered with snow. Leave windows open in your house during the remodel and clear the vent of any debris.

Clean Your Roof

While the remodeling is taking place, you should follow a guide to basic roof maintenance. You should remove any debris that threatens the integrity of your roof.

Saplings can grow on roofs and then drive their roots through roofing materials. Branches can scrape on tiles and shingles, chipping them or discoloring them. 

On days when remodeling employees are not in your house, you should clean your roof. If you’re uncomfortable going on your roof, you can ask a roofing employee to go up.

If your roof is flat, you need to clean your roof more often. You need to do a chemical wash to remove bacteria from rainwater and debris every few weeks. You also need to do a pressure wash to remove mold and mildew.

Don’t forget about your gutters, which can fill with leaves and branches and become clogged. To unclog your gutters, you can spray them with a high-intensity hose. You can also grab objects out of them with your hand or a grabber claw. 

Protect Your Roof

You can protect your roof by installing a waterproof coating. Your roof may have a coating on it already, so talk to a roofing company to see if you do have one. 

If your coating is uneven or uses the wrong type of sealant, you may need to install a new coating. Before you install the coating, clean your roof to remove dirt that can mix with the sealant and damage the coating. Put a tarp over your roof so it is dry, as trapping moisture underneath the coating can allow mold to grow. 

You can also install a roof coating that protects the roof from UV damage. UV rays can discolor your roof, damage the materials, and create a lot of heat.

You can protect your gutters by putting a leaf guard over them. However, you need to clean your guard because leaves can stack on top of it and create pools of water on your roof.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

After your remodeling is done, you should schedule a roof inspection just to make sure everything is okay. Your inspection should take place within a week after your contractors have left. 

Your roof may last decades, but you may want to order another inspection when your roof is roughly 10 years old. You should order earlier inspections if you have a flat roof, as flat roofs are extremely vulnerable to falling debris and ice. 

Fix Roof Problems Today

Roof problems don’t have to ruin your remodel. You should have a conversation with your contractor about what your remodel will do to your roof. You should keep your eye on your roof and fix any cracks you notice.

Clean your roof regularly, especially if it is flat. Protect your roof with protective coatings, including one that resists UV rays. You should hire someone to check your roof after the remodel and fix any damage right away.

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