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How Rain Gutters Affect Home Appearance and Value

Gutters help to divert rainwater away from houses to protect the structure of the building and the landscaping. Gutters perform a vital function, but homeowners still worry about the effect gutters will have on the appearance and overall value of their home. The effect depends on the condition and quality of the gutters and how they work with the decor.
Learn more about how gutters affect home value and appeal.

Affect on Home Value
Homeowners sometimes worry about the value of installing gutters, especially if they want to sell their home soon or hope to list it within the next few years. The addition of a water diversion system has indirect value to a home because it helps to prevent damage. A well-maintained and structurally safe home and a beautiful yard appeal to more home buyers than a house that needs work.

The addition of gutters may not instantly boost the value or appeal of the home because it is not a flashy addition like a new garage or a freshly paved driveway. A clean and working gutter system may blend into the background and not receive any attention. However, damaged gutters, or nothing at all, could negatively affect a sale.

Damaged gutters lower the appeal of the home because buyers may see the damage as a sign of poor maintenance. The damage could cause buyers to worry that other maintenance issues around the home might exist. The cost and effort of a replacement may lead buyers to submit lower offers than they would otherwise. 

A lack of gutters could cause some lenders to hesitate to provide a home loan because of the risk of water damage to the home. Homeowners may struggle to find acceptable financing options when the home has no gutter system. A buyer may reduce the price they want to pay or find a comparable home with gutters already installed.

Gutter with More Appeal
Curb appeal also matters to homeowners with no interest in selling their home. Everyone wants their home to look its best, so people may feel they need to decide between maintenance or beauty. It is possible to create a great-looking gutter system so houses can look their best as they keep the home safe.

Gutters can add to the beauty of a home. Copper gutter systems easily add elegance and style. The durability of copper allows gutter systems to outlive the homeowner who installed them. Maintained copper gutters last up to 100 years. The natural patina from the exposure to the elements enables copper systems to look even better as they age.

Despite the many benefits of copper gutters, the cost often exceeds the standard budget. Many affordable options exist too, and there are ways to make a less attractive gutter and downspout blend into the background. Vinyl gutters come in many colors, and it is possible to prime and paint vinyl and metal gutters to blend them in with the shade of the home.

Homeowners can also camouflage downspouts with the use of shrubbery, or trellises covered with climbing vines. An attractive alternative for downspouts is a rain chain. Metal rain chains come in decorative loops or swirls, bells, and many other designs. The long chains attach to the gutter and divert rain down the chain to the ground.

A well-maintained gutter system can add beauty to a home as it protects from water damage. The addition of basic gutters may not substantially increase the value of a home, but the absence of a gutter system could be detrimental during a home sale.

At Amenity Roofing Siding & Gutters LLC, we can answer your gutter-related questions, and help you find the most beautiful and effective system for your budget. Contact us today. 


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