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4 Benefits of Getting New Windows

Your windows are important for letting in natural light and letting you see outside. However, overtime, wear and tear and damage can make them less effective and efficient. If your windows are old, it may be time to replace them. If you aren’t sure if you really need to replace your windows yet, check out these four benefits of new windows.

1. They Are an Investment in Your Home

One of the best reasons to get new windows is to help increase the value of your home. Plus, when you do decide to sell your home, you’ll recoup almost all the money you invested on windows. Along with attic conversions and new garage doors, new windows have a high return on investment of about 77.5 to 78.8 percent, depending on the materials, type of window, etc.

However, in order to actually boost the value of your home and recoup your investment, you’ll have to replace all your windows. This can become expensive since a new window can cost anywhere between $450 and $1,000 .2. They Can Lower Your Energy Bills

You’ll also recoup some of your investment each month in energy bills because new windows are usually more energy-efficient. This allows them to block the transfer of heat better, which keeps your home naturally cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The closer your home’s natural temperature is to the outside temperature, the less power you have to use to cool and heat.

New energy-efficient windows are the best way to see lots of savings. They come in many styles, but they usually have multiple panes of glass and use a low-conductivity framing material like vinyl and wood.

If you are replacing old single-pane windows, you may see savings of $126 to $465 a year, but even if your current windows are double-paned, you may still save $27 to $111 a year according to ENERGY STAR.

3. They May Provide Better Security

Your old windows may make it easy for someone to sneak inside your home. Older windows may not have reliable locks or they may have broken/weak glass, which makes shattering the window easy, especially if you have single-pane, traditional glass.

New windows, however, are usually always double-pane now, which makes it harder for the criminal to break the window because they have to break two panes of glass. This takes more time and is more noticeable.

4. They Often Come With Special Features

Finally, when you get new windows, you have many special features to consider too. First, Low-E window films can be added to your windows. They work to block UV rays. This keeps your home a little cooler, but it also protects your belongings from sun damage. Instead of double-pane windows, you can request triple-pane, which offers more security and energy-efficiency.

Your contractor can also add another type of window film to help hold the glass together if it does break. This way, the window may still shatter, but the pieces stay together, acting as a barrier.

Of course, you can also simply opt for stronger glass. Tempered glass, polycarbonate, and Plexiglas windows can be used instead of traditional glass because they are harder to break. Plexiglas windows are 10 times stronger than traditional glass, and polycarbonate is even stronger according to

Getting new windows can be expensive, but they aren’t a waste of money because you’ll regain your investment with monthly savings and a high return on investment. Not only that, but new windows may be more secure than your current old, worn windows. For more information about new windows and how they can improve your home, contact us at Amenity Roofing, Siding & Gutters LLC today.


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